Your lifetime investment!

The coverage with Matthew Sowa starts from $5,500 up to 10hrs
After the wedding we spend full week editing the photos from your day.

“Day After”sessions 2,000 up to 4hr.Fantastic custom post-production work included.

Photo-booth $1000

The full engagement session up to 4hrs, two locations with two different outfits $1500. Custom post -production included. (Recomended)
The mini engagement session up to 2hrs, one location with one outfit $1000. Custom post-production included.

Sharing the same desire with my clients of creating images inspired and influenced by fashion and lifestyle genre, is very challenging and fun.However,there is a strong emphasis on outfits,locations, makeup, hair,lighting and on individual looks.Having done these fantastic images – combines commitment and dedication from both client and me.The Full engagement session generally range about 4hrs hours- with the changes of outfits arrangement and locations.The client is responsible to book the shoot location and all additional required permit fees.

For more information and availability please contact us.

We have limited numbers of days. To reserve the date, you may pay us by PAYPAL
Please contact us before to check if we are still available on your day.

I recommend booking my service 12 months prior to the event. However, due to some unexpected circumstance or cancellation,
I might be available for last minute reservations. Feel free to inquire if I am available on certain days with short notice.

Beautiful albums (leather, silk, metallic, crystal ,transparent and fabric cover) are available in a variety of styles. Prices depend on the package the customer selects.There is no charge for consultations about which package would be most appropriate for you.

All prices are subject to change without notice
Services are available with a signed contract only
Thank You for your interest!