May 24, 2008

Environmental Portraits

The choice of location is dependent upon its accessibility or personal taste of the couple and/or photographer. However sometimes there is no choice when the entire wedding day is hold in one location

The wedding on March 29 was a good an example how to use the appropriate surroundings to not know what to expect from Bride & Groom.I Like it when I have no idea what to expect from bride and groom When the are no preconceived notions,I have to stay on my toes……….
The photo shoot and the reception hold place in “The Tides” Timing is was very important as part of photo shoot on the wedding day so We had to give ourselves enough time to “make “the good pictures we wanted and still get the couple to the reception on time .This can be very difficult sometimes ,that way it’s good to work with environment round to find great light and location and work as best as quickly we could with the conditions that prevail , The location should not be too far from the church or the catering hall, spending time for extra long travel on the different locations it is very often wrong decision another words waste of time. ………….

The environment may influence the mood and fillings.I am always treating the location as a set that reflects the couple’s feelings .The beauty of nature and the light can communicate tenderness ,warmth ,hope ,strength or humor .To crate my own workflow I love to use the simple things during the shooting to not complicate the good meanings of final image .When I am taking the pictures I have aim of bland the bride and the groom with they surroundings.They can relate to the landscape ,to each other or to industrial scenery ,but they should be the focal point of the composition.Many environmental fail when the couple stands or setting on the middle of pained fake backdrop or on the center of the gazebo.
A wood fence ,bench ,rocks or old ripping house or shop all can be used as a posing element/background to create the great emotion of Bride & Groom to help the subject a relate more directly to their environment .The couple can lean against a tree trunk ,look at its blooming flowers or standing on the rocks giving the appropriate character and powerful sense of image.

Keep in mind the environment portraits are an option for you when time and location allow .Don’t feel that they have to be part of the wedding coverage ,although they certainly add a nice touch to any couple’s album



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05:31 September 26, 2010


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